To, My Forever 78 Girl

Dear Nani,

Are you the cloud – beyond the reach?
Are you the sun – emitting its light?
Are you a bird – chirping and soaring high?
Are you the flowers – brightening one’s day?
Are you the streams that make their way?
Or are you another soul making someone’s day?
These are the questions.
Answers to which I seek.

Finding none, I rushed inside,
Out of breath, I stopped.
Realization dawned upon me,
As I saw your picture hanging on the wall.
My hands ran over the glass on the frame.
I wanted to hug you, but your physical presence was none.
I kissed your forehead on the frame and stepped back,
In awe, of what I saw.

A beaming face that spoke of tenderness,
The strength that welled forth within,
Graceful and dignified in approach,
A joy which your life reflected,
And transmitted to those who you met.
You taught us to sail through life’s storm.
And to believe in: “life is a song”,
“A dance to spread happiness and cheer”.
“A melody to touch hearts and conquer fears”.
I hold on to your words tightly even today:
“Just Be”, “Just Breathe”
“Fret not, life’s precious, dear.”
Words of wisdom, we have held close,
And wish once more, we could hear,
But can’t because you aren’t near.

Fifteen years ago, on this day, was your birthday,
the last one, we spent with you.
For that year, you breathe your last,
gave life a pass,
A celebrated life of yours is even today,
Sometimes in silence, mostly in our way.
Following your examples that you left behind,
For us to walk on the path
Led by you.

Memories with you,
It is all that we have got.
Memories that help us, take small strides every day.
Carefully, cautiously and slowly, we tread our way,
and live without you, another day.

Your fragrance still blows in the wind,
It’s in the legacy, you have left behind.
And your heart prints to remind us,
Who we are,
And from where we come.

But, let go, I must, I know.
For you to be free
So go, Nani,
Setting you free.
Praying each day for the world to see,
A time which will be Alzheimer’s free.
Soar High Nani.
In prayers, you remain.

Be you will always, a poetry for us.
As your life is a poetry,
For all time to come.

Wishing you well, Nani.
Be in peace and happiness, wherever you are.

-Your Loving Grandchild

© Pallavi Lumba, 13 July 2021

Published by Pallavi Lumba

Through her writings, Pallavi seeks to create value and transmit the human spirit of hope and compassion. She aspires to become an individual whose stories will resonate and positively impact everyone around her.

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