Voices Screaming  It’s disheartening to hear  A deafening silence  On other issues plaguing the world. Voices Screaming  It’s discouraging to know  keen we are, to put another down  And celebrate their misery. Voices Screaming  fogged is the mind so low we have stooped  To hurt where it hits the most. Can’t we for once  learn to rise,Continue reading “Voices”

To, My Forever 78 Girl

Dear Nani, Are you the cloud – beyond the reach?Are you the sun – emitting its light?Are you a bird – chirping and soaring high?Are you the flowers – brightening one’s day?Are you the streams that make their way?Or are you another soul making someone’s day?These are the questions.Answers to which I seek. Finding none,Continue reading “To, My Forever 78 Girl”

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