Voices Screaming 

It’s disheartening to hear 

A deafening silence 

On other issues plaguing the world.

Voices Screaming 

It’s discouraging to know 

keen we are, to put another down 

And celebrate their misery.

Voices Screaming 

fogged is the mind

so low we have stooped 

To hurt where it hits the most.

Can’t we for once 

learn to rise, support and have each other backs

Accepting one another 

As one – the one above created 

(c) Pallavi Lumba 14.10.2021

Published by Pallavi Lumba

Through her writings, Pallavi seeks to create value and transmit the human spirit of hope and compassion. She aspires to become an individual whose stories will resonate and positively impact everyone around her.

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