Setting You Free, Dadi

Her fragrance is here In the legacy, she left behind In the values, she imparted In us, her grandchildren We walk the path That she carved. Her life runs by In black and white flashes Childhood memories Come back. Blurred it gets again. Is she reborn? Is she with us? Have our paths crossed? HaveContinue reading “Setting You Free, Dadi”

To, My Forever 78 Girl

Dear Nani, Are you the cloud – beyond the reach?Are you the sun – emitting its light?Are you a bird – chirping and soaring high?Are you the flowers – brightening one’s day?Are you the streams that make their way?Or are you another soul making someone’s day?These are the questions.Answers to which I seek. Finding none,Continue reading “To, My Forever 78 Girl”

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