Familiar Roads

Familiar roadIn a city-friendly to herwhere a part of hers permanently resided.For it had her heartafter all, this was where she belonged. It was where she grew upThe city she lovedand which loved herthe one that knew herand always welcomed her backWith open armsEvery time she came back Familiar SightFamiliar peopleFresher AirGentler BreezeClearer SkyEmpty RoadsTheContinue reading “Familiar Roads”


Trekked in the mountainsand admired the valley view.Drank the spring water,bathed in the waterfalls. Quaint little places,Full of sunshine.Dwindling mountains roadsopened the mind. Tender wordsof the birds that chirped.Tunes of the vesselsfrom one’s own kitchen. Chai and Biscuitson a rainy day.Lay on the grassand watched the sunset. Gazed at the starry nightcounted the stars.Tender littleContinue reading “Travel”

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