Setting You Free, Dadi

Her fragrance is here In the legacy, she left behind In the values, she imparted In us, her grandchildren We walk the path That she carved. Her life runs by In black and white flashes Childhood memories Come back. Blurred it gets again. Is she reborn? Is she with us? Have our paths crossed? HaveContinue reading “Setting You Free, Dadi”

Soul Sisters

From Grey Skies to Sunny Days,Rocky Terrains, Green Views and Haze,Stormy Weathers and Silent Moonlit Night,Swollen Eyes and Smiles – ah, so bright. Laughter was the engine,which started our day.Together, we rose,Cheering each other on.Wings we gave for each to fly,To soar beyond the clear blue skies. When Dreams & Hearts were broken,Words were unspoken,AContinue reading “Soul Sisters”

Lockdown Emotions

Anger, Pride and EnvyJealousy and demeaning othersThe lockdown saw the worst in some Tread softly and cautiouslyNothing goes unnoticedthrough his razor-sharp eyesBehold! BewareYou are answerable to him. Goodness as majestic as the skiesPrayers as deep as the oceanHope as expansive as the universeThe strength which the one up gaveCourage welled forth within. The soft autumnContinue reading “Lockdown Emotions”


I am having trouble with prose and rhyme A Poetry, I am challenging to write. A birthday wish, I am trying to describe Cups of tea and tears later, Will my words be the creator? Though, I have no clue. These are the wishes for you. Firstly, may your Strength, Resilience and Kindness be theContinue reading “BIRTHDAY WISHES THROUGH POETRY TO A FELLOW HUMAN BEING – SHAH RUKH KHAN!”

Conversation of the Flowers

  One flower said to another As long as the sun rises every day, And the moonlight paved the way. As long as the stars glow at night,  And lying on the grass, counting them, is a delight. As long as rainbows are in the sky, And the sound of laughter is a cheerful cry.Continue reading “Conversation of the Flowers”