Love for the grandmother – On her birth anniversary. Celebrating Her, Today and Always.

Memories tucked awayin the heart’s corner,come rushing to the fore today.I run outside and see,Pelting rain hitting the ground,Thud – with a force. The fragrance filled the air.A song is heard.“Sing my child – sing”,Your voice calls out to me. I jump in joy in the puddlesthat are formed on the ground.It’s the rhythm youContinue reading “Love for the grandmother – On her birth anniversary. Celebrating Her, Today and Always.”


The roads brought her back to this location, Because of everything she had gone through. Memories, she clutched on too tightly. Letting go wasn’t an easy thing to do. How could she forget him? The one to whom she had bared out her soul. But, forget him, she must. Was it the end of myContinue reading “Within”

Soul Sisters

From Grey Skies to Sunny Days,Rocky Terrains, Green Views and Haze,Stormy Weathers and Silent Moonlit Night,Swollen Eyes and Smiles – ah, so bright. Laughter was the engine,which started our day.Together, we rose,Cheering each other on.Wings we gave for each to fly,To soar beyond the clear blue skies. When Dreams & Hearts were broken,Words were unspoken,AContinue reading “Soul Sisters”

To, My Forever 78 Girl

Dear Nani, Are you the cloud – beyond the reach?Are you the sun – emitting its light?Are you a bird – chirping and soaring high?Are you the flowers – brightening one’s day?Are you the streams that make their way?Or are you another soul making someone’s day?These are the questions.Answers to which I seek. Finding none,Continue reading “To, My Forever 78 Girl”

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