Lockdown Reflection

Empty roads and sunny daysclear blue skies and dancing cloudsstars that shine oh so brightreflecting happiness that resides withinand joy which is a state of mind.There is no place for fearnor room for negativityfor closed are the windows of doubts.It’s a new daya day that promises positivityand boundless rays of hope Look around, and youContinue reading “Lockdown Reflection”

Lockdown Emotions

Anger, Pride and EnvyJealousy and demeaning othersThe lockdown saw the worst in some Tread softly and cautiouslyNothing goes unnoticedthrough his razor-sharp eyesBehold! BewareYou are answerable to him. Goodness as majestic as the skiesPrayers as deep as the oceanHope as expansive as the universeThe strength which the one up gaveCourage welled forth within. The soft autumnContinue reading “Lockdown Emotions”


Trekked in the mountainsand admired the valley view.Drank the spring water,bathed in the waterfalls. Quaint little places,Full of sunshine.Dwindling mountains roadsopened the mind. Tender wordsof the birds that chirped.Tunes of the vesselsfrom one’s own kitchen. Chai and Biscuitson a rainy day.Lay on the grassand watched the sunset. Gazed at the starry nightcounted the stars.Tender littleContinue reading “Travel”


I am having trouble with prose and rhyme A Poetry, I am challenging to write. A birthday wish, I am trying to describe Cups of tea and tears later, Will my words be the creator? Though, I have no clue. These are the wishes for you. Firstly, may your Strength, Resilience and Kindness be theContinue reading “BIRTHDAY WISHES THROUGH POETRY TO A FELLOW HUMAN BEING – SHAH RUKH KHAN!”

To You – I Hope You Rise!

Words of encouragement for those who may need it! 🙂 On the darkest of nights, When shadows aren’t seen, And hope is a distant dream. You feel lost. And do not show the world that you are distraught. The road ahead is tarnished and worn. You may be hurt, angry, and torn.   Amidst thisContinue reading “To You – I Hope You Rise!”

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