Poetry – The Fragrance of Love

Love, my child, is a fragrance in the air.A feeling rare.A heart that aches,to protect and support. Love, my child, is a fragrance in the air.One that is felt across time,over seasons,in families,or amongst friends. Love, my child, is a fragrance in the air.A glue that binds,two warring hearts,two beating hearts,as one. Love, my child,Continue reading “Poetry – The Fragrance of Love”

Love for the grandmother – On her birth anniversary. Celebrating Her, Today and Always.

Memories tucked awayin the heart’s corner,come rushing to the fore today.I run outside and see,Pelting rain hitting the ground,Thud – with a force. The fragrance filled the air.A song is heard.“Sing my child – sing”,Your voice calls out to me. I jump in joy in the puddlesthat are formed on the ground.It’s the rhythm youContinue reading “Love for the grandmother – On her birth anniversary. Celebrating Her, Today and Always.”


The roads brought her back to this location, Because of everything she had gone through. Memories, she clutched on too tightly. Letting go wasn’t an easy thing to do. How could she forget him? The one to whom she had bared out her soul. But, forget him, she must. Was it the end of myContinue reading “Within”

Sea Side.

The first ray of sunshine The birds are chirping Football is being played by children. Can you hear the sounds of laughter? The one that echoes through, A mild breeze blowing.?   Rain droplets and then, the scent of damp mud The sound of the waves, crashing on the rocks, gladdens the heart.   SandcastlesContinue reading “Sea Side.”

Setting You Free, Dadi

Her fragrance is here In the legacy, she left behind In the values, she imparted In us, her grandchildren We walk the path That she carved. Her life runs by In black and white flashes Childhood memories Come back. Blurred it gets again. Is she reborn? Is she with us? Have our paths crossed? HaveContinue reading “Setting You Free, Dadi”

Soul Sisters

From Grey Skies to Sunny Days,Rocky Terrains, Green Views and Haze,Stormy Weathers and Silent Moonlit Night,Swollen Eyes and Smiles – ah, so bright. Laughter was the engine,which started our day.Together, we rose,Cheering each other on.Wings we gave for each to fly,To soar beyond the clear blue skies. When Dreams & Hearts were broken,Words were unspoken,AContinue reading “Soul Sisters”


A barren piece of land, The canvas for the farmer. It turned to life in its time, Nurtured with love and patience. Brushstrokes of Nature Epitomized new beginnings, Spring hues told a colourful story In winters, the mustard fields gave their glory. (c) Pallavi Lumba – June 2021.

Lockdown Reflection

Empty roads and sunny daysclear blue skies and dancing cloudsstars that shine oh so brightreflecting happiness that resides withinand joy which is a state of mind.There is no place for fearnor room for negativityfor closed are the windows of doubts.It’s a new daya day that promises positivityand boundless rays of hope Look around, and youContinue reading “Lockdown Reflection”

Familiar Roads

Familiar roadIn a city-friendly to herwhere a part of hers permanently resided.For it had her heartafter all, this was where she belonged. It was where she grew upThe city she lovedand which loved herthe one that knew herand always welcomed her backWith open armsEvery time she came back Familiar SightFamiliar peopleFresher AirGentler BreezeClearer SkyEmpty RoadsTheContinue reading “Familiar Roads”

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