Summers in the Hills

Up in the hills – a little girl wonders, 

What is summers? 

The inquisitive eyes, her mother did notice. 

Warmly, the mother spoke to her child. 

“Summer is a feeling, 

An emotion felt. 

For us – the cool breeze and the mighty peaks playing hide and seek.

Not to feter – for we have the nature’s pool – a time to splash in the river streams, 

A walk in the mountaineous terrains, 

Playing in the field – wild and carefree.” 

“To feel the air – which kiss our cheeks. 

flowers dancing merrily in full bloom, the tea leaves sprout thus signalling – life begins anew. 

The valley at the radiant best- 

For the the hues are many.”

“Summer is the canvas for us to paint, 

With the strokes of love, hope and patience – 

To prepare for the rain and the snow alike. 

Or the landslides. 

It is the time to appreciate, to retrospect – 

for all the greatness life’s offer 

across the seasons and over time.” 

The girl nodded but was not convinced. 

Her mom smiled and thought to herself – 

“Gratitude for what we have, 

She’ll learn when she sees life down in the plains.”

Published by Pallavi Lumba

Through her writings, Pallavi seeks to create value and transmit the human spirit of hope and compassion. She aspires to become an individual whose stories will resonate and positively impact everyone around her.

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