Love for the grandmother – On her birth anniversary. Celebrating Her, Today and Always.

Memories tucked away
in the heart’s corner,
come rushing to the fore today.
I run outside and see,
Pelting rain hitting the ground,
Thud – with a force.

The fragrance filled the air.
A song is heard.
“Sing my child – sing”,
Your voice calls out to me.

I jump in joy in the puddles
that are formed on the ground.
It’s the rhythm you loved dancing to.

Missing you during
the pandemic the most.
Holed up at home,
we would have watched movies together,
Hindi movies that to you were so dear.

Watching films in the hall
isn’t the same anymore
The way it was –
when you were around.
I miss those gleaming eyes,
especially when Shahrukh is in the scene.

Also, miss the joyous laughter that erupted,
Every time we said –
let’s watch a movie in the hall.
Your face would beam with delight.

The radiance and spark
with which you spoke
on how movies change our life
and the difference they brought about.
It’s the radiance which emitted light

You derived the positives
And ensured we did too.
Years later, it’s the only thing, we love.
Hence, I guess I get my love for cinema
from you, Nani.

Roofavza with lemon and black salt,
doesn’t taste the same anymore.
No matter how many times I try,
I don’t seem to get it right.

The days pass by rather slowly.
You remain in our hearts,
and there’s no other place,
where I’ll want you to be.

Fiercely independent…financially,
is how I remember you.
I would have it no other way.

A grand life you led,
loving every moment…never a fret,
neither a moment of regret.
You loved to celebrate life.
Therefore, today and always, we celebrate you,
and your life extraordinary.

Published by Pallavi Lumba

Through her writings, Pallavi seeks to create value and transmit the human spirit of hope and compassion. She aspires to become an individual whose stories will resonate and positively impact everyone around her.

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