Trekked in the mountains
and admired the valley view.
Drank the spring water,
bathed in the waterfalls.

Quaint little places,
Full of sunshine.
Dwindling mountains roads
opened the mind.

Tender words
of the birds that chirped.
Tunes of the vessels
from one’s own kitchen.

Chai and Biscuits
on a rainy day.
Lay on the grass
and watched the sunset.

Gazed at the starry night
counted the stars.
Tender little kisses,
Warm embracing hugs,
A compassionate ear,
Or then a handshake.
Little moments
and the joy it bought
gladdened the spirits.

Living together as one,
No difference in caste or creed.
Friendships like none other,
In joyous harmony,
And sheer delight.

So entangled were we,
Amidst the chaotic city paced life,
Trying to make ends meet,
Running after life’s pleasures,
Forgotten were life’s priceless treasures.

Travel bought alive
A forgotten emotion.

(c) Pallavi Lumba 16.06.2021

Published by Pallavi Lumba

Through her writings, Pallavi seeks to create value and transmit the human spirit of hope and compassion. She aspires to become an individual whose stories will resonate and positively impact everyone around her.

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