I am having trouble with prose and rhyme 
A Poetry, I am challenging to write.
A birthday wish, I am trying to describe

Cups of tea and tears later,
Will my words be the creator?
Though, I have no clue.
These are the wishes for you. 

Firstly, may your Strength, Resilience and Kindness be the knight,
The one in shining armor, removing someone’s plight.
Secondly, your initials be the light,
To make this world shine ever so bright,
And your smile sparkle, humankind. 

Thirdly, may your humility speak volume,
and like the flowers, you bloom, 
all you seek - be yours forever,
and you scale the mountains - of every endeavor. 

In addition, may your words be never misconstrued,
and positivity and optimism be the virtues
along with respect, dignity and humbleness, we learn from you.
Moreover, I hope you withstand the test of time,
and be the sparkling diamond for mankind.

Furthermore, may your movies break every taboo,
your fortitude and courage be always the virtue,
and in everyone’s life, create value,
And help them break through. 

Additionally, may your compassion be the bridge,
Where joy, love and friendship meet.
Next, may many lives get enriched,
With your thoughts, words, action and deeds.

May God’s blessing and protection be your aid,
At every step of your way.
May no storm affect your sail, 
your goodness always prevail. 

I hope your soul's warmth soothes all pain,
enabling a million broken hearts - to rise again.
Thus illuminating humanity, 
and creating its way,
to help us find the light within,
and aids us in discovering,
A better version of ourselves. 

Concluding, I wish you luck in carving new paths,
Like the flowing river streams. 
Thanking you for the joy in our lives. 
From your movies, hope we do derive.

(c) Pallavi Lumba 01.11.202

Published by Pallavi Lumba

Through her writings, Pallavi seeks to create value and transmit the human spirit of hope and compassion. She aspires to become an individual whose stories will resonate and positively impact everyone around her.

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